Becky Williams at her desk

What is REALM?

Leaders who link business strategy to team culture, and then to their personal behavior are the most successful. From your foundation of excellence in a functional role, create and execute a personal leadership style that accelerates your organization’s success. REALM is executive leadership development that gets you there quickly.

You will join peer groups to explore habits, discuss leadership methods and learn tools to increase effectiveness. Share and learn from peers whose challenges you can relate to and whose solutions will inspire you. Articulate the links between market opportunities, your strategic business goals, and your personal leadership style. Accelerate your success.


The name REALM is derived from my Strengths: Relator, Achiever, Learner, Maximizer - plus an E for Energetic! Strategy is another of my strengths, and I’m guiding learners as they explore the REALMS of leading self, leading teams, and leading change on the way to becoming exceptional leaders.

Articulate and execute your vision by leveraging your personal strengths to create the culture that drives your team to achieve your vision. I’ve been there, and will push you to address the barriers that are limiting your effectiveness. It’s an investment that will bring you results through authenticity.

photo of Becky Williams

Who is Becky?

I am a lifelong learner with a passion for taking on new challenges. An early love of math lead to an Engineering degree and a Materials Engineering position at LORD Corporation, a global manufacturer of specialty adhesives, coatings, and motion control devices. Over a 38-year career, fueled by a love of trying new things, I held positions in Aerospace product design, program management, operations, marketing, sales, and business development in the A&D, Automotive, and Electronics businesses. I became VP of Global Marketing & Business Development and then spent five years in Hong Kong as President of the Asia Pacific region. After returning to the US, I was President of the Aerospace & Defense business.

In addition to becoming adept at achieving revenue and profit targets, I developed a keen skill for accessing business situations, focusing on the critical gaps, and closing them. I’ve become passionate about self-awareness as the foundation for a leader’s success. I want to get you up that learning curve quickly!

I believe in alignment and balance in my whole life. Gardening feeds my Maximizer and Achiever. Yoga keeps me strong and satisfies the Learner. My Relator enjoys conversations over a cup of tea – or box of chocolates. I want to hear about how your life all fits together.

Why Becky

I have a strong process orientation, and along the way developed tools and techniques for rapidly assimilating into new positions and aligning resources and efforts with key strategic issues. As my leadership responsibilities grew, I realized that being the most knowledgeable person in the room about the details of the business was impractical and ineffective. With the help of a great coach, I fully embraced that my greatest impact would be through establishing a culture of transparency and accountability – because that was needed to achieve our business growth. I had to dig deep to connect how my daily behavior set, reinforced, or sabotaged that culture. I had to change how I allocated my energy. Along the way I learned what it takes to build and sustain a winning business team.

I want to share the insights I’ve developed to help you grow. That’s what Maximizers love to do! My specific answers aren’t applicable to everyone, but the process is. REALM is a way to share them. I’m helping leaders with demonstrated high functional expertise expand their leadership toolbox. Let’s work together to increase your impact across cultures and industries to accelerate change in your organization.